Want to reserve the Spirit Rock for a special birthday or event? 

Please select your date(s) in the calendar below to submit your reservation. Once you have selected your date(s), click on the "PTA Store" tab in the menu bar at the top of the page. Add the appropriate quantity of Spirit Rock reservation days to your cart, then complete to check out process to finish your reservation.  

The cost is $5/day (online charges apply).  
Your credit card payment is due at the time your reservation is submitted, or your reservation will be cancelled.  
Thank you for supporting Poplin PTA!  
Please note:  All Spirit Rock reservations must be paid by credit card through the PTA Store tab.
Spirit Rock Rules:
  1. You may paint the rock anytime on/after 5 pm the night BEFORE your reservation day/date.

  2. The rock can be painted by only one family per day

  3. If you care unable to paint the rock on your reserved day (inclement weather, schedule conflict, just forgot, etc.), please contact Breena Barnard at at poplinptavicepresident@gmail.com to try and reschedule on another agreeable date, if it is not previously reserved.

  4. The family painting the rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group/organization who may be injured or who incur clothing or other personal property damage.

  5. Families must furnish their own labor, paint and supplies to paint the rock

  6. ONLY the rock can be painted.  Painting on sidewalks, lamp posts, grass or buildings is prohibited.  Any damage or destruction to the surrounding areas or buildings will deem the family financially responsible for cleaning and repair costs.

  7. What is painted on the spirit rock must be in good taste and may not contain foul language, discriminatory or political remarks.  Profanity and obscenities are not permitted.  What is painted must be in accordance to Poplin’s student code of conduct.

TIP: The best paint to use for a good base coat is canned paint that can be rolled on, or at least 5-6 cans of spray paint.  If your base coat is not dry when painting your design, the spray paint will run terribly.